Decrease your pain in: ankles, knees, lower back and shoulders with custom made orthoses!

Realise your potential, and stay on your feet ALL DAY comfortably!

Our unique approach combines advanced technology, 3D printed custom products and personalised experience. 


Who is it for?

Our unique approach combines advanced technology, custom products and personalised experiences. 

We believe that health and wellbeing begins at your feet. With our knowledge and expertise, we support people with better foot health, keeping them active, fit and pain-free. 

We design and create two types of orthoses: corrective and comfort. 

Corrective orthoses

If you experience any of the following problems, you can free yourself of them with our custom made orthoses:

- body weight imbalance
- knee pains or general tiredness
- frequent ankle or knee injury
- pelvis imbalance and lower back pain
- bunions
- flat feet
- overlapping toes
- constant and painful calluses

Comfort orthoses

This option is for you if you have a standing lifestyle and you feel that at the end of the day your feet, calves, knees, thighs and lower back are sore and tired.

This option is going to provide you with comfort and will cushion the impact of stomping on hard surfaces for many hours.

Although they don't aim to provide any postural correction, they will bring balance to your standing position and to your gait that will ease off your every day muscle pains and tiredness

What happens during your visit

This is a 45min, no obligation consultation, where our specialist will talk to you about your concerns and expectations and advise on best course of action

1. We will assess your feet and ankles as well as your gait and look for any imbalances that may cause your pain and discomfort

2. Using our specialised equipment we will scan soles of your feet and run it through analytics system

3. Your therapist will discuss with you the results and explain her findings

4. She will analyse scans and offer best course of action to decrease your discomfort and pain. At this stage you will agree on the kind of the orthoses between CORRECTIVE and COMFORT and you will be able to decide if you want us to order them for you.

5. A therapist will begin to design a unique personalised orthoses, created specially for you based on your condition, preferences and life style.

6. A final design will be manufactured with best possible care and quality. It will be ready just in a few weeks.

The cost of the consultation is £55 and this will go towards your orthoses cost if you will decide to go ahead after the consultation. 

Walk easier. Stand taller. Run better.

There is no one size that fits all. Each insole is designed and priced individually