mixed manual therapy
(ADVANCED OSTEOPATHY, physiotherapy and posturology)

These therapies are designed and delivered specifically by DJ McNally Belarbi , 

French massage Physiotherapist and masters level Sports’s Osteopath, Posturologist with over 15 years of experience who recently relocated from Paris where he run  an very busy pain management clinic. He is now offering his therapies at A&O as a regular consultant.

DJ is the best person for you to see if:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is included in the visit?

Djamel will take a full case history, including a detailed analysis of your pain and its progression, your medical history, any accidents, operations, and medications.  Based on his findings he will design and deliver a treatment that will aim to significantly reduce your pain and realign your body.

Then he will discuss your future therapy plan if necessary 


How long is the session?

Djamel will spend with you as much time as necessary for optimal results. Your visit will last between 45 and 60min, depending on the assessment required and treatment delivered


Is one treatment enough?

It may be enough, but it all depends on the condition and your body response. Djamel usually aims to help you long term within 1-3 sessions. He will discuss your expectations and reality of recovery during your first session.


Will Djamel “crack my joints”?

DJ uses multiple techniques and he decides what treatment is best for you after the assessment. Joint adjustments and manipulations is one of many techniques that he uses. 

Here is a shortened list of techniques that DJ uses: 


What conditions can Djamel treat?

Djamel is a broadly talented and extremely experienced therapist and he can treat a very long list of conditions that are difficult to list.

The most common conditions that we come across our clinic are:

  • Acute muscular spasms, prolonged tension
  • RSI
  • Chronic neck and shoulder pains
  • Sciatica
  • Fall injuries
  • Frequent headaches and migraines
  • Long COVID
  • Emergency treatments
  • Chronic gynaecological pains
  • Pregnancy – Ante (pain, lower back, cervical, sciatica) and Postnatal (perineal rehabilitation, back pain)
  • Paediatric cases (respiratory issues, movement disfunction, development issues, head deformation, Torticollis, scoliosis, reflux, bronchiolitis in babies)
  • Herniated and “slipped” disks 
  • Post surgery rehabilitation and non-pharmaceutical pain management (hip/knee replacement, post trauma)
  • Older adults – Gait/walking rehabilitation. Falls management. 
  • Advanced post injury recovery


If your condition is not listed here, please feel welcome to email us for advice:  hello@agaandola.co.uk


This is a medical procedure. Please contact your GP if in doubt to ensure that you are safe to receive treatment.